Love Yourself (2023)

Love Yourself (2023)

Other name: 沒有你依然燦爛 没有你依然灿烂 进击的姐姐 進擊的姐姐 W劇場:沒有你依然燦爛 Mei Yu Ni I Jan Tsan Lan Jin Ji De Jie Jie Chin Chi Te Chieh Chieh Mei You Ni Yi Ran Can Lan Still Brilliant Without You Attacking Sister They Heal Each Other


Three women took revenge for losing their loved ones. Jiang Yi Qing and Luo Zheng Hao had just registered their marriage at the household registration office and were preparing to go to the wedding party. A series of car accidents in the tunnel caused traffic jams and dilemmas and also affected a burning apartment not far away. It was difficult to rescue. It was too late.

A sad mother, Jin Ruo Xi, could only watch her daughter grow up. He was burned to death in the fire... Also affected was the rooftop of a building not far away. A weird fan wooed the female artist Sun Min Min with a knife. Her mother and manager failed to call the police. Seeing that the crazy movie fans were already irritated, in order to save her daughter, she rushed forward and blocked the knife that stabbed her daughter...

(Source: LINE TV)

Episodes: 24

Director: Hsu Fu Hsiang [许富翔]

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Accident; Betrayal; Drama;

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