Longing for You (2023)

Longing for You (2023)

Other name: 오랫동안 당신을 기다렸습니다 等待了很久 Oraesdongan Dangsineul Kidaryeossseubnida I Have Waited a Long Time for You I've Been Waiting for You for a Long Time I’ve Been Waiting for You for a Long Time Дорама Я так долго тебя ждал


A murder case occurs in Woojin, a town blessed with no crime. Detective Oh Jin Seong, known for being cheerful, joins the investigation team when his younger brother Jin Woo is identified as a suspect in a murder case. Jin Woo is eventually cleared of false accusations, and the culprit is revealed. Jin Seong's performance earns him preferential treatment at the Gangnam Police station, but his brother is suddenly attacked by someone on a rainy night and dies unexpectedly. Jin Seong starts chasing after the true culprit of the murder case while facing his own family's desires and secrets.


Episodes: 14

Original Network: Viki; TVING; ENA; Genie TV;

Director: Han Cheol Soo [한철수] and Kim Yong Min [김용민]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Action; Detective; Drama; Investigation; Mystery; Revenge; Suspense; Thriller;

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